Combined bets are an interesting way for many to make money, but for many others, if not the vast majority, they are a well of losses and a way to throw money. Given the popularity of this type of bets especially among beginners we will give you the top 10 tips on combined bets.


The most important thing in combination bets is to bet with judgment. Many people at the time of making their combinations ends up adding bets that have not looked before for the mere fact of raising the fee. This all it does is exponentially increase the chances of failure.


As far as possible, the bets of a combination must be of different sports or tournaments. Focusing on a single league for example and trying to hit many results is going to be more complicated than trying to hit a couple of them in several leagues. If predicting a full day of a league was easy, everyone would complete the football pools.


Do not get carried away by large fees and possible profits. When you start to combine matches you see how the quota multiplies and you only think about what you could get to win. Bet on what you wanted to bet and do not get carried away by greed.


You have to analyze each bet of the combination as if it were a simple bet. Not for being a combination and being many bets with a quick glance is worth it. If you want to be successful you have to do the previous work always, bet as you bet.


Never trust a bet for your low quota. That a bet has a low quota does not mean at all that it will come out safely, and the increase in the combined fee most of the time is not worth the risk it entails.


In case a combination bet is on the right track you have to know when to stop taking risks and cover yourself. Losing a combination of the big ones in the last game is something that we have all gone through.


Be aware that the normal in these bets is to fail, and therefore you have to bet knowing the few chances of success, to not put more money than we can afford in such a bet.


If you are one of those who like to make several bets combined at the same time, never put the same event in two combined. That a single bet knocks down two winning combinations is the worst thing that can happen to you, and for that reason it is the most normal thing to happen.


Choose the best bookmaker for each combination. The odds can vary widely between bookmakers for a simple bet, but this difference can be much higher in the combination bets. Having money in more than one house and simulating the bet in several bookmakers is vital to increase our potential benefits.


Try to take advantage of the different promotions of combined bets of the bookmakers. Many houses offer us promotions on combined bets from time to time, it is important to review what is available when making our bet. An extra% of our possible profits or a partial refund of our possible losses are never wrong.

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